A Serial Entrepreneur, that is formerly a Chemical Engineer graduating from the University of NSW in Australia. After working for Rio Tinto in the mining industry, Nuno moved to finance and financial planning, where he gained several years’ experience in the finance and property market. He then co-founded Platinum Group of Companies in Australia and Malaysia, where he worked for over 10 years in international project development. Over the past 15 years he has travelled the globe extensively working with family offices and large international firms, to develop the GCC Global Investment Platform (www.GccGlobalPlatform.com).

In 2016, he Co-Founded Rockstar Hubs International, that with over 100 mentors – where many are millionaires and some billionaires, and 10,000 clients, is UKs No.1 Mentoring organisation and resource bank for entrepreneurs

The Group is now taking both its GCC and Rockstar Private Investment Platforms onto the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain with the launch of its own Digital Wallet, that will tokenise many of the shares in the over 50 companies and projects but also allow investors to access and store these coins/tokens through an APP that they can download through the APP STORE and PLAY STORE. All digital wallets will also provide world class Cold Storage of Fiat Money, and Cryptocurrencies.


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With Tony Robbins… at Skibo Castle!
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  1. Global Consortium Corporation (GCC)
  2. Consisting of a team with a wealth of experience spanning all business sectors, the Global Consortium Corporation (GCC) provides consultation for entrepreneurs and business owners on a global level and offers great networking and business opportunities. GCC has now launched its own Crypto / Fiat / Tokens WALLET. GCC will now begin the tokenisation of it’s own as well as it’s client’s assets. The WALLET will also be rolled out to many of the brands in the group – providing its digital solution through its companies The Currency Store and GCC BAANX.

  3. Rockstar Hubs International (RSHI)
  4. Known as the UK’s leading Mentoring and Investment company for entrepreneurs, Rockstar Hubs International (RSHI), has mentored and supported the growth of more than 10,000 UK businesses. The company’s mentors are made up of the countries’ top entrepreneurs, all of which are focused on supporting their clients in achieving realistic financial results.

  5. GCC Capital
  6. Offering tailored and strategic investment solutions for an exclusive client base made up of high net-worth corporations, family offices and entities, GCC Capital is a global finance partner, and asset manager for many of the companies in the GCC group.

  7. HA LAW
  8. HA Law is a full-service London based law firm with cross jurisdictional strengths. Leaders in each of the areas of practice, the Lawyers of HA Law can assist clients in all aspects of UK business, property and private client law as well as with any litigation.

  9. Rockstar Crowdfunding
  10. This innovative crowdfunding platform encourages you to think like a Rockstar – one that explores all possible avenues to achieve their goals. The Rockstar Crowdfunding platform is committed to supportemerging and established entrepreneurs in reaching their investment goals through providing the means to connect to investors.

  11. GCC Global Resources
  12. As part of the Global Consortium Corporation, GCC GR is always looking to connect with existing Land (for resource exploration) owners through Joint Ventures on a worldwide basis. Specializing in the commercialization of exploration targets provided by its captive resources specialist advisor called RoboMap. It also works with various government institutions in their plight to explore and locate natural resources such as minerals, water, energy and metals.

  13. Green Box Power
  14. Green Box Power is developing strategies to roll out internationally a very unique renewable energy technology that converts waste to energy, Green Box Power. The underlying technology will be UK based REWS. Discussions between GCC and REWS continue.

  15. Robomap
  16. Offering the latest satellite mapping technology, RoboMap is the GCC’s captive resource advisor with access to some of the worlds best exploration technologies and know-how. Technology allowsthe mapping beneath the earth’s surface including the ocean-floor and allowing for the study of resources. The company has the capacity to provide GCC Global Resources with full support in its exploration endeavors.

  17. The Currency Store
  18. Based on the collective knowledge of a hand-picked team, The Currency Store is a one-stop-shop that organisations can trust to build out all things Cryptocurrency / Fiatcurrency / Blockchain. This includes providing solutions such as payment systems, access to banking, wallets, apps, exchanges, cold storage.

  19. Digital 1
  20. Created by GCC, Digital 1 can best be described as a “business in a box” service. With more than 10,000 clients to its name, the UK group Rockstar Hubs International, Digital 1 is positioned itself to become one of the leading services for entrepreneurs covering various fields including publishing, CRM, forensics, funding, sales funnels and online banking.

  21. The Only 1 Club
  22. Dedicated to sourcing unique, luxury items and travel packages for their clients, The Only 1 Club guarantees only the most exclusive of products. Specializing in bespoke travel, jewelry, gifts, clothing, cars and motorcycles, this platform is a one-stop for those looking for one-off quality purchases.

  23. Global Football Agency
  24. As the leading, global football platform for clubs, agents and players, the Global Football Agency is an exclusive resource bank that connects a large network of football agents by invitation only. Globall Football LLC provides services including access to wealth management and asset management for stakeholders in the football industry.

  25. Simple Drinking Water
  26. While most of us take clean drinking water for granted, there are some parts of the world that are so remote, the installation of a drinking water system would prove impossible. This is where Simple Drinking Water comes in: available at affordable prices, the SDW systems are easy to install and eliminate pollutants such as fluoride, arsenic and iron using two compounds.

  27. TES
  28. Offering a specialized construction system that concentrates on the use of locally sourced, raw materials, TES– Thermal Engineering Systems – is responding to the needs of the global marketplace. With a range of products ranging from flooring, finishes, fire protection and framing, TES caters to international clients and institutions.

  29. L4L
  30. Liquidity for Life (LFL) is a new financial instrument primarily designed to allow the aging population in the UK (who are asset rich and short of income) to convert their homes into a permanent form of liquidity and also wealthy individuals who want to release property assets to utilise the capital elsewhere. It will also assist first time buyers through our unique shared ownership scheme.

  31. Blue Corporate
  32. Providing interesting networking opportunities between entrepreneurs looking to be funded and leading finance and service providers, Blue Corporate Events specializes in hosting tailored events that aim to connect both parties through showcases, workshops and conferences.

  33. Litigation Funding – Panchal Property Portfolio
  34. The Panchal Property Portfolio was born from a need to assist a Rockstar client who was defrauded by their accountant and consequently lost 300 properties initially estimated at over £190 million. Our Litigation Funding program serves to recover as much as the funds as possible.

  35. F1 Fund
  36. Specialized in motorsport cars spanning from the early 80s to the 2000s, the F1 Fund offersunique investment opportunities for motorsport enthusiasts. With a team of experts forever sourcing cars for short and long-term investors, the client’s portfolio will grow further as we launch this project on our GCC tokenisation platform.

  37. The International Association of Social Media Professionals (IASMP)
  38. Recognizing the lack of a standardized membership body for social media specialists spanning all social platforms – including Drupal, XING, Tumblr, Typepad, iContact and SlideShare -, The International Association of Social Media Professionals was launched to provide a go-to platform that provides the latest industry news, etiquettes and training resources.

  39. Gift Again

Gift Again is a new way of giving that is being pioneered by GCC and Rockstar Hubs International to transform the way that clients manage their contribution to charities and causes. The program will allow for clients to choose to give as a one off (forever) or only for a period of time, where after that term the client receives their capital amount (subject to investment risk) and are able to “Gift Again” and support a different charity or cause.